The Chinese company OPPEIN asked our team to work on a multifunctional sink, targeted on the middle-upper Chinese market and able to lead the user throughout all the preparations from raw food to washed and cut ingredients. Key points were modularity, minimalism and ease of cleaning and tiding up. Finally, it should be suitable for mass market.

Product Design




Academic project with the cabinetry manufacturer OPPEIN


International teamwork

My role

Overall project, specifically concept ideation, product development

Market research

First step was an analysis of the existing products on the Chinese and European market. Indeed we needed to integrate them both to create an object appealing as “foreign” design but anyway in line with the consumers’ needs. The most innovative and successful benchmarks were products very simple in structure although able to accommodate a variety of tools. It was not clear though how to store such tools.

Simplification 1

The project started on an idea: to reduce the number of the tools needed to perform all the possible actions and to provide a straightforward usage logics which would accommodate to different situations. This was obtained by using one single tool for three functions: a flexible drainer, easy to find in the market. Such object is renovated by its placement along a variable profile, making it adjust to different shapes, and different functions.

Simplification 2

The second simplification consisted on a movable divider, which allows maximum flexibility of dividing the bath by also making it possible to use in its whole volume. The final design was kept minimal to meet the brief’s requirements. The profile “wave” becomes the graphic peculiarity.


Our design was the only one selected by the company to be produced and sold on the Chinese market as it responded the best to the cultural needs and expectations.