During my internship in the Makerspace Originbase, the Product Development Team had the task to listen to the client’s ideas, interpret them in a concept, and develop it in a prototype. The 3smart Pen was born as the request to combine three smart pens existing on the market: a scanner pen able to recognise printed texts and translate them in digital file (then the text can be translated by the bundled software), a scanner pen able to recognise printed words and search it in an internal database that provides information related to meaning, pronunciation, translation, and a “smart” pen, able to write on paper and translate everything in vectors at the same time.

Product Design




Internship Project at the Makerspace Originbase, Dubai


Interdisciplinary team

My role

Product development design, specifically sketches concept, 3D modelling and prototyping

Hardware analysis

The three products were disassembled and the hardware rearranged to be enclosed in a single volume, keeping dimensions and shape respectful of ergonomics and usability. A first rough volume was 3D printed to evaluate fitting and disposition.

3D modelling

The final design consisted of a case which was able to keep together the three devices by connecting a thin part dedicated to writing to a thicker part (in order to facilitate reading) dedicated to scanning: the two functions were so disposed on opposite heads of the stylus. The measures were evaluated based on the most comfortable handling.


The product has gone through iterative prototyping in 3D printing until the definition of a single design. Then the hardware was reconnected and checked up through the addition of a customised PCB and a switch between different functions.


The product went through the whole process from conception to manufacturing and was produced in one single copy destined to the client. It successfully met all the requirements indicated. The greatest focus was dedicated to the prototyping activity which was continuously present throughout the all design work, as verification and validation of every project decision.